Our mission
To increase the GNP & GNH of employers and employees
Monetee is a Financial technology company that improves employees’ financial education & wellness. Organisations of every size from startups, public companies & educational institutions can benefit from our financial wellness innovations.

Employer-sponsored financial products

are more efficient than market alternatives and provide clear and compelling benefits to employees:
The FinTech products could be used by a much wider range of employees— many of whom are credit-damaged or credit-invisible—who could not access traditional financial products in the market.
The FinTech products provided under the plans were much less expensive than the alternatives available for most low-income employees in the market.

FinTech benefits

improve the situation of both employees by:
providing solutions for the pressing day-to-day crises typically faced by employees.
providing lower-cost products to employees than market alternatives, due to the potential for employer subsidization of benefits and the FinTech partner’s lower cost base and access to the employer’s payroll system for income data and repayment.
providing some credit-damaged or credit-invisible employees with access to traditional financial products, thus increasing “financial inclusion” and reducing or eliminating reliance on high-cost short-term solutions like payday loans, bank overdrafts and other “alternative” financial products.

Everyone deserves a financial

Regardless of your background or income level, financially informed individuals are better able to take control of their circumstances, improve their quality of life, and ensure a more stable future for themselves and their families.

Our Vision statement

A world where people have access to make sophisticated, informed, and advantageous financial decisions.
Our ethos
No loans, no credit, no interest charges, education to build financial freedom
Mission statement
To inspire, educate, and empower people’s financial health, literacy and wellbeing,Net your wellness™

Help your employees - Net your wellness™

We explore distant planets, 3D print bone implants, yet salary remit takes 30days. Not any more. Better financial health benefits everyone. what are you waiting for...